International Foundation for Legal Research “Aspects of Law”

“Aspects of Law” is the status scientific journal on legal sciences, which will be indexed in the bibliographic database of the RSCI. The electronic online journal contains scientific articles that have received a positive opinion from the reviewers and are valuable for the development of modern science. The journal can publish their manuscripts by Russian and foreign scientists who are busy with the problems of the collection.

The international scientific journal “Aspects of Law” publishes materials of actual research on jurisprudence, which, since 2014, have been collected in the archive on the website of the publishing house. Full texts of articles are available for study free of charge, they can be useful to other scientists and students of higher educational institutions, as well as interested readers. To interact with search engines, articles are assigned special meta tags, so publications have a wider readership and high citation index.

Scientific periodical journal “Aspects of Law” invites you to publish research results of leading experts, scientists from research institutes, university professors, graduate students, doctoral students and applicants, as well as students and undergraduates in collaboration with their supervisors. All manuscripts are checked and reviewed for compliance with the subject matter of the journal, fair use of previously published materials and data reliability. Since 2014, the publication house has conscientiously carried out all stages of publishing collections of articles, the process is supervised by the publishing office Global Journals.

The scientific publication “Aspects of Law” is constantly working to improve the quality of published journals, optimize the processes of accepting manuscripts for publication, and effective interaction between authors and reviewers. The publication house seeks to expand the list of scientometric citation bases, today the journal is at the stage of inclusion in the RSCI. The main task is membership in Scopus and constant work to expand the author’s audience of periodicals.